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The Honda CB750 Sandcast Prototype VIN 2113 Parts

In early 1969, Honda's guys hand-built four CB prototypes. This is one, V.I.N. 2113. Owner at the time and person responsbile for refirbishing this wonderful machine, Vic World, proprieter of World Motorcycles.

At first glance, it could be any first-generation, Candy Blue-Green Honda CB750. But if you know CB750s, and you look closely, you’ll see things that simply do not jibe. Obvious items such as the front master cylinder and brake caliper are different than the expected pieces. Engine covers and rough-cast carburetors aren’t the same, either. And if you could peer into the big four’s cases you’d see a hand-made billet crankshaft—certainly nothing like the production item. The realization would then hit you: This isn’t just any first-gen CB750. What it is, really, is the father of all CB750s—a hand-assembled prototype (using non-production parts) of one of the most important motorcycles ever built. And that makes it very, very special indeed.

Vic World decided to let the bike go and used eBay Motors to get the maximum worldwide exposure. The 10-day auction this past February garnered some amazing numbers: The opening bid—placed by World—was for $1,969, wholly appropriate given the bike’s roots. Within two days, bidding stood at $120,000, where it stayed for a week. On the final day, with just 22 minutes left, it jumped to $135,000. With two minutes left, it went to $142,000, and then, finally, to the winning bid of $148,100. The auction generated nearly 100,000 page views, 102 bids from all over the world, and an astounding 5,243 people “watching” the auction—all huge numbers for an eBay motorcycle listing.


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